Significant Locations

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Significant Locations
Kellogg - Click for more info Wardner - Click for more info Gem Wallace Mullan Frisco Mace Burke

Kellogg - Click for more info

Kellogg, ID - Click for picture

Kellogg, ID in 1901

Wardner - Click for more info

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Wardner - the site of the Bunker hill concentrator explosion.


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The remains of the Frisco Mill at Gem in 1892 after angry Union miners sent a load of dynamite down a sluice, blowing it to pieces.


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The Wallace train depot in 1918, where hundreds of angry union miners boarded a hijacked train years before.


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Mullan, ID in 1901


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A large group of men standing and sitting in front of a wooden building with railroad tracks in 1898. Many are holding lunch pails. Caption on front: "Frisco Mine Group"


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The Standard mine in Mace, ID


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View of the town of Burke, with the school in the center, taken from the hillside. Caption on front: " Masser, John W. - Mining property, Burke Idaho. School in center looking north".